New Members

Thinking of Joining?

New members are always welcome. If you play percussion, woodwind or brass at grade 1 or above and you’re aged 8 – 18 then we’d love to see you.

If you’re not sure whether you’ll enjoy it, (we think you will!) then come along for a rehearsal and give it a try, or even just sit at the back and listen if you prefer.

Playing a musical instrument is a great talent to develop and can be great fun. However, if you ask any SWSCB member, they will tell you that playing a musical instrument in an ensemble such as SWSCB takes that to a whole new level AND you are sure to make new friends from across the county.

Decided to Join?

Great decision, welcome aboard. We look forward to seeing you at the next rehearsal.

There are three important documents that we ask you to read and (where relevant) complete and return.

  1. The Membership Profile Form   (all members complete one of these at the start of each academic year)
  2. The Welcome letter   and a note about the SWSCB voluntary subscription
  3. The SWSCB information pack  

The membership profile form is particularly important. Please ensure that you complete this and bring it with you to your next rehearsal. Thank you.