South West Surrey Concert Band

Meet The Band



I play the Basson

I like pop songs e.g. Meghan Trainor, and other things like that. My favourite musical is probably Hamilton or Mamma Mia. I enjoy watching comedies and drama series.

I do lots of different sports, like rugby, horse riding, swimming and rock climbing. Obviously, I also enjoy relaxing and spending time with my friends and family.


  • Clarinet & Saxophone Alto
  • Song: Sweet child o mine
    Band: Guns n roses
    Book: Murder Mysteries
    Film: Patch Adams
  • I like to play sport- Gymnastic and Netball.


  • I play the French Horn
  • My favourite film and soundtrack is probably The Mummy Trilogy (1999)
  • And, other than band, I'm a proper drama nerd (but you'll never catch me onstage!)


  • Flute
  • I like most songs and my favourite movie is the black swan
  • Watch tv shows, bake and draw


  • I play the drums
  • At the moment I'm enjoying the music from the band Imagine Dragons as their songs are fun to play on
    the drum kit. I also like reading in my free time, mostly fictional stories. Some of my favourite books
    are Explorer, Orion Lost, and Tom Gates for a good laugh.
  • Apart from drums, I also like playing the violin. As hobbies, I like playing tennis, chess, swimming, video
    gaming, and some football with my friends.


  • Trumpet
  • One of my favourite books is The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

I enjoy playing netball.


Show - Invincible


Song - The Cave

Musical - Wicked

Book - The Hobbit/early Cherub books

  • Film - Spider-Man into the spider-verse

Art/Product Design/Games with friends


  • Flute, oboe, percussion, viola
  • My favourite composer is Georges Bizet
  • Gaming


  • French Horn
  • I love all sorts of music, from great film soundtracks like Pirates of the Caribbean and the end title to
    Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, through to groups like The Who and Dire Straits.
  • I like to go cycling with my friends, play videogames, listen to music and paint plastic miniatures
    (although I'm not much of a painter...)


  • I play clarinet, piano and guitar.
  • My favourite artists are Queen and Elton JohnI am influenced by many pop singers and professional musicians such as Brian May, Freddie Mercury also Ed Sheeran and Charlie Puth who are also young and successful. My favourite film is probably Top Gun Maverick
  • I like water-sports like rowing, swimming and sailing and I also enjoy cycling


  • I play the saxophone.
  • My favourite piece is The Black sheep of the Family.
  • I like to read adventure books.